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More 2009 nickels. Hmmm.

Nickels, nickels, nickels. What do I make of the June production in Denver of an additional 480,000 2009-dated nickels?

Other than being a way to even out the 2009 production to 39,840,000 at each of the two circulation mints in Philadelphia and Denver, I am puzzled. It hardly seems worth cranking up a coining press.

I remember the story of the production of 1894-S Barber dimes. The longtime hobby story says that San Francisco needed $2.40 in dimes to make the books balance.
It sounds fanciful, but better than no story at all, right?

Could it be some sort of typo where whoever entered the data simply replicated the Philly number? If that is the case, then he took the trouble of making all the combined totals balance.

No nickels were struck in Philadelphia in June.

Cents were produced at low levels. Just 64,400,000 were struck in June in Philadelphia and 164,400,000 in Denver. Are these the starting numbers for the third design in the 2009 set of four, or the final month of production for the second design? Today, I don’t know the answer, but I will find out.

State quarter production saw a combined 69,200,000 struck. That looks oddly like it could be the final mintage total for American Samoa by comparing it to the downtrend for the first three quarter designs for the year, but more can be added in July, so let’s not jump to any conclusions. In June 42,600,000 quarters were struck at Philly and 26,600,000 in Denver.

No Native American dollars were struck in June, but Presidential dollars were. A total of 55,300,000 were produced between the two mints. This again sounds like a final figure for the upcoming James K. Polk design, but July could see additional production. The breakdown is 41,020,000 dollar coins from Philly and 14,280,000 dollars from Denver.

No dimes or half dollars were struck in June.

For the first half of the calendar year just 2,263,180,000 coins have been struck.