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The U.S. Mint kicked coin production up a notch in April as dimes and quarters were added to the mix.
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The U.S. Mint kicked coin production up a notch in April as dimes and quarters were added to the mix.


In April, 94.5 million dimes were struck at Philadelphia and Denver combined, raising the output so far in 2010 to 113.5 million pieces.

Dime production was fairly evenly split in April, but for the year as a whole, Philadelphia has struck almost two dimes for every one coined in Denver.

Nickel production just barely registered. Philadelphia struck 1.68 million pieces in April while Denver produced none.

Quarter production fell in April to 35 million coins, down from 42.4 million in March. Cent production also declined by 9.2 million coins from March to April to 284.8 million.

Presses were silent for half dollars and Native American dollars in April, but Presidential dollars were coming off the production line at the fairly rapid monthly clip of 35.98 million coins, bringing the total struck so far in 2010 to 150.22 million.

If Presidential dollar production continues at this pace, more than 450 million would be struck during the year, a fairly large number for something that is still primarily known only to collectors.

April registered the highest level of coin production so far in 2010 with 451.96 million pieces struck. This compares to 218.41 million in January, 194.4 million in February and 384.42 in March.So far in 2010, approximately 1.2 billion circulation coins have been struck.


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