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Mint to reprice proof Eagles

The U.S. Mint suspended gold proof American Eagle sales in early July to reprice them -- lower!
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Sales of proof American Eagle gold coins was suspended by the U.S. Mint in early July so that prices could be adjusted to reflect lower gold bullion prices, the Mint said July 3.

The pricing review was expected to keep the coins off the market for a week, with new prices expected to be posted around July 10.

Before the sales suspension, one-ounce proof American Eagle gold pieces were priced at $885 each, some $85 more than the one-ounce gold American Buffalo proof coin.

The proof half ounce was priced at $445, the quarter ounce at $220 and the tenth ounce at $110.

These prices were themselves the results of adjustments higher when the price of gold temporarily shot over $700 an ounce in early May.