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Mint strikes nearly 1.2 billion coins in May

May circulating coin production at the United States Mint’s facilities increased by nearly 200 million from the month of April.


The combined output in May from Denver and Philadelphia was 1,156,340,000 pieces.

Four denominations, cent through quarter, saw increases. No half dollars or Native American dollars were produced in the month of May.

So far in calendar year 2017, the Mint has struck 6.3 billion coins.


Cents lead the output parade. The 3.5 billion produced so far this year is almost 56 percent of all coins struck.

Next up are dimes. At nearly 1.3 billion pieces, they comprise nearly 21 percent of coins made for circulation.

Next up are quarters at 947 million, or 15 percent, and then nickels at 592.3 million, or nine percent.

If the pace of output continues at this level, the Mint will strike 15.1 billion coins in 2017.

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