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Mint strikes additional bullion silver Eagles

The Mint is rationing silver American Eagle bullion coins. That

The Mint is rationing silver American Eagle bullion coins. That?s the bad news. The good news is there is a total of 1,295,000 pieces this week, up from zero last week. Progress is being made to supply the demand out there.


Demand for the uncirculated 2008-W uncirculated Eagle is more sedate, but steady. It rose by 17,757 pieces in the latest week to 208,410. These coins are sold by the Mint directly to collectors whereas the bullion Eagles are sold by the Mint to its authorized purchasers only.

The 2007-W Eagle box did not quite fly off the page, but it shrank to the 10th anniversary platinum set only. The other totals did not change, so they were dismissed from the page. This set rose by just 52 to a total that is still a long way off from the 30,000 maximum.

The new Washington entry in the Presidential $1 Coin Historical Signature Series debuts at 5,423.

First Spouse sales are creeping ahead. The proof Monroe is up by 116 coins and the uncirculated version is up by just 52.
Bullion Buffaloes rose by 5,000.