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Mint Stats: Silver Liberty steps back a little bit

Since we cannot talk about a sellout of the gold Standing Liberty quarter, how about talking about yesterday’s sellout, or to be more precise, the Aug. 23 sellout of the silver Liberty medal? Some orders didn’t work out. There was a decline of 18 in the sales of both the San Francisco and the West Point medal. The “S” stands at 12,201 and the “W” at 12,203. That leaves 299 and 297, respectively, unspoken for.

Gold bullion Eagles continue to be in strong demand. Silver bullion Eagle demand remains sluggish. Will we see a September silver number below August’s abysmal 1,280,000? Could be.

The Roosevelt National Park quarter numbers went up this week on the next page. Totals are strong. They are probably two-thirds of the total the Mint will ever sell. It makes you wonder why the Mint can’t finish each offer up as a new design is released.

Sales of 2016 uncirculated coin sets rose by 3,025 to reach 193,757. Why is that a highlight? Everything else slept.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News Express.
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