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Mint Stats: Gold Standing Liberty makes debut

Gold Standing Liberty quarters appear on the second page of Mint Statistics for the first time. They go on the board with sales of 53,378. That is far short of the 100,000 available. As if in sympathy, the sales total for the gold Mercury dimes after being quiet for a few weeks moves down by 10 to 116,096. While we are talking minus signs, the silver Liberty medals dropped a touch. The “S” medal went down by one and the “W” by two to 12,200 and 12,201, respectively.

Readers are wondering if last week’s front page story reporting on the upcoming availability of the Reagan Coin and Chronicles Set had a typo in its maximum mintage of 150,000. That’s the correct number.

Silver bullion American Eagles seem to be waking up. Authorized Purchasers grabbed 640,000 since last week to bring the running September total to 950,000. Next week’s column should see the 2016 total reach 30 million. One-ounce gold Eagles moved up by 6,500 to reach 24,000.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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