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Mint ramps up cent output

By ramping up cent production in July, the U.S. Mint kept overall coin output from falling during the month.


Cent output increased by 11.5 percent from June. It comprised 65 percent of all coin production in July compared to 58.5 percent in June.

The striking of nickels, dimes and quarters fell in the latest month.

Half dollars and dollars remained at zero, which is where they usually are. Most of these coins are struck in the opening month of the year.

For the month of July, overall output was 1,254,740,000 circulating coins, up slightly from 1,252,880,000 in June.

Nickels recorded the largest drop. Denver and Philadelphia together produced 47.04 million fewer coins. The July total was 90.24 million pieces. In percentage term the fall was 34.3 percent.

The dime total fell by 30.5 million, or 13.7 percent. The July total was 192.5 million coins.

Quarters held steady. The fall was just 4.6 million pieces, or 2.9 percent from June. Total July output was 155.2 million.

The Mint’s circulating coin production total in the first seven months of the calendar year stands at over 8.8 billion pieces.

Acting Deputy Director David Motl said in early August that the goal for the fiscal year, which is a 12-month period ending Sept. 30, is 14.2 billion coins.

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