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Mint puts Jamestown on Sale

The Mint put the Jamestown 400th Anniversary commemorative coins on sale during a ceremony Jan. 11.
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Jamestown 400th Anniversary commemorative coins went on sale on the U.S. Mint Web site at noon eastern time Jan. 10, 2007.


Pre-issue discount prices on the coins are $33 for the uncirculated silver dollar, $35 for the proof silver dollar, $220 for the uncirculated gold $5 and $230 for the proof gold $5.

A public ceremony was scheduled for Jan. 11 at Jamestown Settlement in Virginia to debut the coins. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy was to be joined by National Park Service Virginia Director Sandy Rives, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation Executive Director Phil Emerson and Jamestown 2007 Executive Director Jeanne Zeidler at the event.

The ceremony was to be the first place in the nation where the collectible coins, available in both uncirculated and proof condition, could be purchased in person.


After Feb. 12, 2007, the prices will be $35 for the uncirculated silver dollar, $39 for the proof silver dollar, $245 for the uncirculated gold $5 and $255 for the proof gold $5.

Maximum mintage for the silver dollars is 500,000 combined. Maximum for the $5 gold pieces is 100,000 combined of the proofs and uncirculateds.

The silver dollar obverse is titled ?Three Faces of Diversity,? representing the three cultures that came together in Jamestown. It was designed by Donna Weaver and engraved by Don Everhart.


The reverse features a depiction of three ships that brought the first settlers to Jamestown in 1607. Susan Gamble is the designer and Charles Vickers the engraver.

The $5 gold coin obverse features an image of Captain John Smith greeting an American Indian carrying a bag of corn. It was designed and engraved by John Mercanti.

The reverse features a current rendering of Jamestown Memorial Church, the only original remaining structure in Jamestown. The reverse was designed by Susan Gamble and engraved by Norm Nemeth.


According to the Mint, surcharges from the sale of the commemorative coins will help promote understanding, continue the preservation and improve the infrastructure of Jamestown.

For more information on the Jamestown commemorative coins, visit the Mint Web site at