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Mint prices change

For all collectors who don
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For all collectors who don?t think the Mint ever gives them a break, they have seven price cuts on 2007 products to ponder.

Confirming their worst fears, there are also seven price increases.
Such was the news provided Jan. 22 by Kevin Hamer, deputy associate director for sales and marketing at the U.S. Mint, in a telephone interview.

?We are very happy that half of these are decreases,? Hamer said to start
the discussion.

He said price increases were kept as minimal as possible but were driven by rising metals prices and the addition of four new Presidential dollars to annual sets.

Price hikes started with the 14-coin 2007 clad proof set. It will go from $22.95 to $26.95, up by just the $4 face value of the new dollar coins.

The 14-coin 2007 silver proof set was raised a bit more. It?s price goes from $37.95 to $44.95.

For the five-coin silver state quarter proof set that went on sale Jan. 23, the price increased to $25.95 from $23.95.

The traditional uncirculated coin set, commonly called a mint set, will see the addition of eight new dollars, but the price will rise only $6, from $16.95 to $22.95.

For the 25-coin roll of 2007 Golden dollars, the price goes from $35.50 to $35.95, basically as a reflection of the Mint?s attempt to consistently price items to end in 95 cents.

Bags of 1,000 uncirculated 50-states quarters will be priced at $309.95, up from $300. Two-roll state quarter sets will go for $32.95, up from $32.

A price decrease went into effect with the Jan. 23 sales start date for the five-coin 50-states quarter clad proof set. Its new price is $13.95, down $2.

Bags of 200 Kennedy halves will be priced at $130.95, down from $135.

Two-roll Kennedy half dollar sets are priced at $32.95, down from $35.50.

Bags of 250 Golden dollars are $319.95, down from $347.

For 50-states quarters, bags of 100 coins are priced at $32.95, down from $35.50.

Price reductions for first day coin covers will apply not only to this year?s issues, but to all available prior years? offerings. The new price is $14.95, down from $19.95.

An educational set will be priced at $11.95, down from $14.50.

Though he could not offer specifics, Hamer said that it was the intention of the Mint to create and sell ?more entry level products at lower price points.? It is hoped these will prompt collectors of circulating state quarters to begin buying numismatic sets from the Mint.