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Mint gold and silver bullion coins sell out

Sellouts for some Mint gold and silver bullion coins have been announced.

The gold 2016 American Eagle in one-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce sizes are gone.

The half-ounce gold is still available to Authorized Purchasers and so is the one-ounce gold Buffalo.

The five-ounce Theodore Roosevelt National Park silver bullion coin is also gone.

Harpers Ferry and Fort Moultrie silver five-ouncers remain available.

The one-ounce silver American Eagle remains on sale.

Only small numbers of the sold-out coins were sold in December after a strong sales month in November.

On the Mint website this morning, the one-ounce gold sales total was listed at 23,000. In November 129,000 were sold.