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Mint explains nickel box label numbers

Confusion over shipping numbers, dates prompts statement.
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In response to questions from customers about shipping numbers on nickel boxes that is prompting speculation on Internet auction sites, the U.S. Mint has an explanation.

In a statement, the Mint says, “Coin Wrap Inc. puts a stamp on each box in order to track it. Their stamp consists of an operator ID (0000), [the] date the box was packed, [and] time the box was packed. These numbers have nothing to do with the contents or the condition of the contents of the boxes.

The use of 0000 was an error on CWI’s part. It should not be seen on future packed boxes.”

Apparently, there has been some confusion regarding what the dates signify – whether it refers to first strike dates or not – on white boxes of Ocean in View and Bison nickels shipped to customers. Furthermore, rumors have circulated that boxes with certain dates stamped on them include a number of errors.