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Mint director looks at special 2016 coins

Future coin launches by the U.S. Mint at American Numismatic Association shows were not taken off the table by Deputy Mint Director Richard Peterson when he spoke to Numismatic News Aug. 7 at the World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Ill.

When asked if the Mint would still consider beginning sales programs at the nation’s premiere convention, he replied with one word, “Absolutely.”

The Mint might also do launches at other shows as was the case in Baltimore in March when it debuted the Baseball Hall of Fame coin.

He said the Mint must “make sure the timing is right and it fits into the normal release patterns.”

In the works for 2015 is another high relief gold coin.

Possible issues that will mark the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Walking Liberty half dollar and the Mercury dime would come in 2016.

Marc Landry, acting associate director for Sales and Marketing at the Mint, said “a dime sized in 24 karat gold would be cheaper and more affordable for the average collector. The dime could be a tenth ounce.”

A Walking Liberty half in gold would be three-quarters of an ounce as is the Kennedy.

The Standing Liberty quarter design was also being looked into, but it was not as certain.

Silver versions are also in the cards.

The Mint is also looking at a special reverse proof set in 2015 that will be produced in San Francisco. The coins being considered are silver or clad or both. It hasn’t been decided.

Speaking a few hours before sales of the proof gold Kennedy half dollar were ended early, Peterson said of the gold Kennedy, “We’ve got a blockbuster product.”

He ticked off the statistics. Forty thousand were made. Twelve percent of these were being made available at four locations. Eighty-eight percent were available online with the capacity to strike 35,000 more in six to seven weeks.

The Mint was offering 500 of these per day at the ANA show. Long lines made officials nervous. The fourth and fifth days’ sales were cancelled after the interview had concluded.

Peterson was complimentary of the way ANA was handling the crowd for the gold Kennedy.

“I believe they were very responsive. They were aware and they changed on the fly, too.”