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Metal trading site enhanced

Precious metals dealer Dillon Gage has announced an upgrade to its online trading system,
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This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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Precious metals dealer Dillon Gage has announced an upgrade to its online trading system,

Launched in 2006, FizTrade is used by banks, jewelers, coin dealers, refiners and pawn shops to buy and sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars and coins.

The new system has more information on a single screen.

“Our FizTrade site has always been fast, with metals prices that update automatically every 20 seconds,” says Terry Hanlon, president of Dillon Gage Metals. “In our new, upgraded system, however, our data displays are easier to read and use.”

Customers can see buy and sell prices for particular metals products on one page. Through the system, they can quickly calculate spreads and conduct multiple transactions at once. For convenience, bid prices have been added to spot-price displays.

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In another enhancement, gray shading with reference pricing is used to signify when a particular item isn’t available on FizTrade. Those items are flagged with “NA” in the relevant quantity box.

“Price charts have been enlarged so they are easier to read in the new FizTrade format,” Hanlon said. “And as part of our online upgrade, we’re also updating our popular how-to trading videos.”

Hanlon says FizTrade was designed to help traders minimize market exposure and increase profits. FizTrade users can see spot quotes and bid and ask prices for hundreds of products on their screens. They can lock in transactions and advise where they want products shipped.

For bullion items, FizTrade’s bids and asks depend on Dillon Gage’s spot price at the time of the order. Numismatic values are based on current market conditions.

The Specials page, updated daily, highlights the firm’s bullion and numismatic specials.

For more information, visit, or call (800) 375-4653.

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