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Melting the Palace of Gold

Melting Everything But The Golden Throne

2008 has brought gold as high as it's ever been! Investors have reacted, down to the lowest levels. The coin market has reacted, with prices rising higher all the time. Jewlers are advertising and buying scrap chains and rings. The press has spread the word to every nook and cranny. Gold is the commodity on which all eyes are resting.

Case in point - the Swisshorn Gold Palaceis finally being melted down. Yes, that's right, chinese jewerly mogul Lam Sai-wing is dismantling and melting down the palace of gold he built up when gold was so woefully ignored by investors, collectors, the general public and the media.

Lam Sai-wing will melt and sell everything he built, except for his golden thone, the 24 karat gold toilet. The rest, all 6 tons of it, will go towards a serious expansion of his jewerly retail business, Hang Fung Gold Technology.