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Media Forum - Monnaie de Paris Coins for 2009


Monnaie de Paris 2009 Coins

Christophe Beaux, Director of the Monnaie de Parisexpressed a desire to limit their mints production to a manageable number of issues, but the list of new releases for 2009still seemed long. The Monnaie de Paris also set a goal of uplifting world spirits and connecting to a broader public through numismatics in our present troubled economic times. This second pair of goals is both honorable and achievable with their design choices for 2009 and I applaud the Monnaie de Parisfor trying to reach out and make a differecn through our shared hobby.

france sower.jpg

Some of the coins in the Monnaie de Paris line-up for 2009, which hope to have a heartfelt impact include four gold coins of 5, 50, 100 and 200 Euro denominations and two silver issues in 10 and 50 Euro denominations honoring the 50th Anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights and featuring traditional French Sower obverses. Also in the mix for 2009 are at least two issues, 50 and 200 Euro gold strikes, for the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, along with a First Step on the Moon commemorative, which features a footprint in a blue moon surface produced through a new innovative coining technique. A lovely Ettore Bugatti race car coin, a technologically advanced Gustave Eiffel issue and at least three First Flight of the Concorde jet issues, denominated 10 and 50 Euro in silver plus a 50 Euro gold strike, also illustrate the mints attempt to unify world spirit through inspirational coin themes.

france human rights.jpg
France Berlin wall.jpg
france concorde.jpg

However, in a strictly practical sense the Monnaie de Paris had one of the best ideas of the Media Forum with their 100th Anniversary of Madame Currie coin, for which proceeds will go to the Currie Institute. Now that's putting your money where your mouth is!

france skier.jpg

In the area of sports, the Monnaie de Paris will release silver and gold coins in their long running Winter Sports series, featuring downhill and slalom skiers. Already available are the 10 Euro silver and 50 euro goldversions.

france skier obv.jpg

But for pure entertainment value you have got to love the Monnaie de Paris comic series, which will offer a 2009 Lucky Luke 50 Euro coin with the denomination worked into the design as a Wanted Poster.