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Media Forum - German Mint Coins for 2009


German Mint 2009 Coins

Dr. Andreas Schikora, Director of the Berlin Mintpresented the German Mint program for 2009, which offers the standard issues, plus a number of exciting items. One coin that caused a stir on the bourse floor later in the show was the Saarland 2 Euro bimetallic commemorative, which offers a view of the bell tower.

germany saarland.jpg

Also scheduled for 2009 are coins commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the International Space Station, the 600th Anniversary of Leipzig University– which will only be struck with the A mint mark at Berlin, a triangular designed10 Euro commemorative honoring the 100th Anniversary of the foundation of Youth Hostels – which will only be struck at Karlsruhe bearing the G mint mark and not released until August and a gold 100 Euro for UNESCO featuring the Roman Church at Trier struck at all German Mints beginning in October.

german youth hostel.jpg

Two other German issues set for 2009 should prove to be standouts. The first is a silver 10 Euro featuring a Javelin thrower in honor of the 9th IAAF World Championship of Athleticsset to take place in Berlin. The design on this piece is great and sports coins of this sort are not easy to create in an authentic and aesthetic way. This one achieves the desired effect. The second standout is a 10 Euro struck only at Stuttgart for the 400th Anniversary of Kepler’s law. This type displays planetary orbits in Kepler’s head, as if he is thinking about them. What a great concept by designer Prof. Ulrich Boehme and the execution of the design is beautiful as well. Watch for this coin's release in early May, 2009.

german Kepler.jpg