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Media Forum - Canadian Coins for 2009


Royal Canadian Mint 2009 Coins

This year’s guest of honor at the Media Forum of the World Money Fair in Berlin– The Royal Canadian Mint– started the Forum with a speech from Ian Bennett outlining the planned Celebrations for the RCM’s Centennial this year. Bennett noted that the demand for gold and silver bullion coins was a challenge for the RCM in 2008, as it was for other mints world-wide, but strong sales and good profitability for the mint indicated that the challenge was successfully met.

Some of the most exciting developments in through 2008 and into 2009 for the RCM included advancements in robotic coin production, development of a new website and a bevy of new issues, including a $300 Gold painted mask coin with a stellar design - followed by a great Moon Mask $20 silver coin, a $200 Gold Mining coin, a painted 50 Toa for Papua New Guinea, a Centennial of Flight coin series and a special mint set for the World Money Fair.

canadian moon mask.jpg
coal mining.jpg

The RCM also is doing a great unity of Canada coin with a six-string guitar theme. It’s a 50-cent coin in a triangular shape and the guitar strings signify the unity of the country. Check out their new mint website for more information on the design and construction of the original guitar on which this coin design was based.

If you are into Hockey, you’ll be as pleased as I was that the RCM will be releasing a proof silver dollar with some gold plating for the Centennial of the Montreal Canadienshockey team. Always near the center of the sport this team has held a warm spot in the hearts of Canadiens and hockey fans worldwide from their founding in 1909. Expect this coin to sell out fast and become a popular item in the aftermarket. But if you don't want to spend $70 on a silver piece, you can pick up one of the special Loonie Canadiens dollars made for circulation.

Candians $1.jpg

Of course, at the center of the RCM program for 2009 will be a slew of coins produced for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics. There will be a wide selection of collector coins in addition to a series of 50-cent color coins in base metal and with special packaging for gift giving. Also of note is the fact that the RCM will produce the athlete’s medals for Vancouver.