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Medals That Bug Me

Medals That Bug Me

After WWI a group of veterans with a sense of humor founded a veterans society that they named “The Order Of The Cootie.” “Cooties’ as most of us know are lice and the WWI trenches were infested with them. Anyone who had to spend any time in the trenches was soon a living host to hoards of them. It is not hard to understand the reasoning behind this group name or the design of their logo and medal featuring a big fat louse or “cootie.”

Not to be out done by the Americans, in 1926 the Prussian Guard Fusiliers Regiment veterans issued a medal honoring the unit’s centennial featuring a big fat cockroach!

Why a roach? Roaches are; hard to kill, prolific and do their best work at night.

I am not sure why, but maybe someone with an even stranger sense of humor thought that these were military virtues which had served them well from battlefield to bar room.

If you know the true story behind this one please share it with us.