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Medal vs. Metal

No matter how long I live I will keep seeing these two words mixed up. The English language has many words with similar spellings that sound the same that are just made to confuse people. For most of us native English speakers mixing up these words is just a mental typo. Just for the record a medal is something most of us would have in our collections and metal is what the medals are made of. Since I brought up the word metal let me show you a piece of metal from my collection. This is an aluminum access plate taken off a crashed Japanese airplane by my Marine father-in-law during WWII. As a kid I always felt kind of sorry for the Pacific Theater veterans since they didn’t seem to get to bring home a lot of neat souvenirs like their European theater buddies did but Courtney did alright with this item.

Good luck in the New Year everyone! It looks like it will be an interesting one.