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Medal of Honor Coins Coming

The other day I read that the Fine Arts Commission was reviewing designs for the proposed United States Medal of Honor commemorative coin. Yes this is the same country, that made it illegal for collectors to buy, sell, or even ship a Medal of Honor, that now intends to profit from the sale of Medal of Honor coins to those same collectors! No matter what you collect, be it coins, stamps, military medals or sports cards we are all collectors. We as collectors have to stick together and stand up to this kind of government hypocrisy. When countries like France, Australia and Italy claim that coins more than 100 years old are national treasures and may not exported or that ancient coins are all considered to be stolen; and then at the same time offer modern coins for sale at very hefty prices, it is time for collectors like us to stand up and refuse to buy the new issues until we are all treated fairly. The same holds true for the United States; until you let us legally collect the Medal of Honor don’t expect us to buy your Medal of Honor commemorative coins.