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March is time for MPC Fest in Port Clinton, Ohio

This weekend serious collectors of Military Payment Certificates, and in the broad sense all things of a numismatic military context will be gathering at a Holiday Inn in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Now in its 13 year, this small group (now numbering over 60 collectors and wives)get to hear over 30 presentations by fellow attendees, partake in fellowship over numerious meals, celebrate anniversaries, play trivia based on military numismatics, have a bouse, auction and poker tournament.Even if one is not a serious military numismatist or Military Payment Certificate collector you can have a good time. One jsut needs to be receptive to information.That information can be brought forth in casual conversation at lunch or during a presentation. It can be found from the bourse dealers.When I attended my first fest (I'm on #4 now) I thought it would be the get a life club, when I ended that weekend I told Fred Schwan than he need a larger hotel.Next year's dates are not finalized yet but perhaps you should just pencil in some weekend in late March, or perhaps the first weekend of May.