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Make your Ambassador nomination

It is time again to nominate individuals who are active in the numismatic field for Numismatic Ambassador Awards.

It is time again to nominate individuals who are active in the numismatic field for Numismatic Ambassador Awards.


I have placed a handy one-page nomination for you to fill out and return to me. Just click on the form below and print it. If you would rather email me, just use the form as a guide and put the information asked for into an email to me at

Deadline for submission of nominations is June 17. I know, that doesn’t give you much time, but take my word for it, the names that pop into your head quickly are usually the ones that are most deserving.

I am often asked what qualifies someone to be a Numismatic Ambassador. When the award was first given in 1974, we said primary candidates would be the hobby’s many volunteers who often perform necessary but almost invisible jobs to keep clubs functioning, bourse floors sold out and shows running like the well-oiled machines we have all gotten used to.

None of this happens without effort and it is precisely that effort that we would like to bring to the fore in consideration of just who qualifies as an Ambassador candidate.

Odds are you know someone who fits the description.

Who has held all the local offices and has been stuck with the secretary, treasurer or newsletter editor jobs for the last 10 years because no one else would take it?

Chances are, that person would make a fine addition to the Numismatic Ambassador roll.

Who always seems to come up with a talk when no one else wants to try speaking at a public meeting.

Who does the hard work of assembling an exhibit that is worthy of a major convention.

How about the instructors at the annual American Numismatic Association Summer Seminar. There are many individuals who year in and year out are back to share their in-depth knowledge with up-and-coming numismatic hobbyists.

They would make fine nominees.

I think you are beginning to understand that it is the character, knowledge and willingness to volunteer that an individual possesses that trumps any specific criterion.

Once you have sent me a nomination, the staff at Numismatic News will create a general nomination ballot to be sent to all current Ambassadors. It is their responsibility then to vote on who they think are worthy recipients to be inducted in 2013.

From this ballot, roughly the top half dozen vote getters will be declared to be the inductees for the year and they will receive an invitation to attend the annual Ambassadors Breakfast at the American Numismatic Association convention in Rosemont, Ill. The breakfast will be Thursday morning, Aug. 15, and it will last precisely an hour. I know how valuable time is at the convention. In the hour, we will share a meal, introduce ourselves to each other once again and induct the latest group of Ambassadors.

Send me your nomination today.


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