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Make it short

It feels a bit strange to come to Europe to learn about how things might be done better in the United States.

But that was the result of my covering the ribbon cutting of the World Money Fair in Berlin.

In the United States at the opening of the premier American Numismatic Association convention each year involves lengthy blather as collectors eager to enter the bourse floor are held back for something they really don’t want to hear.

At the World Money Fair, six dignitaries line up at the ribbon with scissors and founder Albert Beck simply uttered four words: “Vive la France. Vive la Monnaie”. He cut the ribbon and the crowd surged forward.

“Long live France and long live coins” pretty well encapsulates everybody’s thoughts.

The Paris Mint is the guest of honor this year and so it received top honors in very few words.

I went back to the Krause booth immediately after the ceremony and David Lisot came by like a storm tossed object on the tide of human beings. He observed that it was quite a mob of people out there. There always is at the beginning of the fair. Lisot just wanted to get out of the way in those opening minutes of the first day of the show.

Perhaps ANA can consider a simpler opening ceremony at future conventions. There already is an awards banquet. There is no reason why the “business” of the ribbon cutting can’t be moved into that event or even into the afternoon awards presentations when Medals of Merit and other awards are given.

Sometimes brevity is a good thing. I hope that is the case with opening ceremonies and today’s blog.