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Letters to the Editor (May 28, 2019)

Signature on $1.00 note


In the “Letters” section of the April 30 issue of Numismatic News entitled “Trio of Mnuchin signature,” the 2017 series does not have the Secretary of Treasury signature. I have two uncut 50 $1.00 2017 series and the noted has a printed name, Steven Mnuchin in print. I think it is sad that they cannot sign their name.

Charles Cupit
Bossier City, La.

Long Awaited Treat

Just to let you know our first 2019 coins came in change. My wife got two 2019 p-nickels in change at our local Publics Market. Usually the first coins are pennies that are in change much earlier in the year, so this was a long awaited treat. I always set aside the first of each denomination that arrives during that calendar year. It is an easy way to get and keep AU or better coins with no real searching. With Dave Harper in retirement we send good wishes to the new NN editor. We hope to meet you at the January FUN show in Orlando in 2020.

Glen and Connie McClary
Satellite Beach, Fla.

Mint Statistics

I noted on the Mint Statistics page of the April 23 issue of NN Express that the entry for the clad half dollar set (see below) still shows a (P) for the mint doing the striking. Both of the half dollars in the two-coin set were struck in San Francisco, where indeed all Apollo 11 proof halves were struck. The erroneous (P) indicates that Apollo proof halves were struck both places, which is not the case.

2019 Apollo 11 Coins

Proof Uncirculated Max. mintage

Apollo 11 gold $5 25,594 (W) 10,616 (W) 50,000

Apollo 11 .999 silver dollar 149,984 (P) 49,684 (P) 400,000

Apollo 11 clad half dollar 49,746 (S) 33,511 (D) 750,000

Apollo 11 half dollar set *99,661 (P) N/A 100,000

The Proof Apollo 11 clad half dollar is paired with enhanced reverse proof 2019-S Kennedy half dollar. The 100,000 maximum is part of the 750,000 maximum for all clad half dollar sales options.

By the way, I see that the Mint surprised us Kennedy half collectors again by spiffing up the 2019-D halves included in their special Rocketship Set. I’ve seen a raft of SP69 PL specimens being sold online for several hundred dollars apiece. The highest price so far was $712 for a PCGS SP69 PL example sold at a dealer auction. By comparison, the last time I checked the NGC pop report for the 2018-D PL Kennedy, it stood at exactly ONE. The “Rocketship” pieces obviously enjoyed some special handling. Meanwhile 2019-D PL SP68’s are fetching a couple hundred apiece, windfall profits for those dealers who picked up quickly on what was happening.

Todd Starbuck
Address withheld

Editor’s Note:

Thank you Todd for noting our error. We appreciate your great attention to detail. We have made the proper corrections to the mint statistics and this error should not be reflected in last week’s issue of Numismatic News.

Solitary Alabama

Looking at my uncirculated quarter album, 2021 Alabama stands alone. I noticed the same thing in my silver quarter album. Why? My second question is, how are they going to be sold? Separately? In a set? Why is the state of Alabama last? What is the pricing for the last coin going to be?

Wayne Walther
North Baldwin, N.Y.

Advice for cleaning coins

I lived through the Nov. 8, 2018 Camp Fire that destroyed most of the town of Paradise. My collection of coins didn’t do as well. If your readers have any advice on cleaning coins in bulk I need the help. There are 2,300 pre-1958 pennies, six of them are1909, one thousand are bulk silver from the USM and 102 silver dollars. Thank You.

P.S. gold came through okay.

Bob D. Alderin
Yuba City, Calif.

Jackpot at an ATM

I have had many finds in coin counters with coins that are silver but mainly in the sixties, and they are not something special. Also, I found many world coins, but on May 3 I had my biggest find on a bill / ATM money changer at a casino. I put in a $5 bill and received five uncirculated consecutively numbered Mnuchin p-signed ones. After I got over my shock I stuck in another $5 bill and received five more consecutively numbered uncirculated dollar bills. I tried it a third time but I received circulated bills. Living in Nevada I have not seen any of these bills circulated or uncirculated to date.

You never know where you will receive something that will add to your collection from a source that you least suspect.

Scott Ferguson
Henderson, Nev.

2019-W National Park Quarter

I think the idea of the U.S. Mint minting two million of each 2019-W national park quarter is a great idea. I plan on going to the bank and purchasing a $500 box or two for the rest of 2019. I have never found a box of 50 rolls of new (uncirculated) quarters, only circulated quarters with a couple of newer quarters mixed in, and even then sometimes no national park quarters. Happy hunting everybody. I know it is a longshot, but I am ready for the challenge.

Ralph A. Fuller
Cleveland, Ohio

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