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Letters to the Editor (May 07, 2019)

Moon Landing set thanks


Thank you for taking a look at the Moon Landing Coin & Stamp Commemoratives set I sent you. I figure there must be somebody out there thatknows something about these sets. I enjoy reading your magazine very much. I

pass it on to a friend of mine.

Harold S. Evans
Bainbridge, Ind.

Need more editorial content

I just received my copy of [the April 2] Numismatic News. I am very disappointed! Out of 102 pages, there is one page of news if you include the half page on the American Legion coins.

There are 40 pages of “Coin Market,” which includes collector coin prices that haven’t changed in months, if not years. It includes a half page on “Viewpoint,” a half page on “Coin Clinic,” less than a full page of “Letters,” 2-1/2 pages of “Show Directory,” one 3/4-page article by Ginger Rapsus, and one page on “Item of the Week.” The rest of your magazine is all ads! I even miss Dave Harper’s editorials. I think you should change the name of your magazine to Numismatic Ads.

I know that there is a cost to everything, but with all the ads, your magazine should be free. I hope to see a change before I renew my subscription.

P.S. Your e-mail doesn’t work!

Curt Rossow
Willow River, Minn.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for the feedback, Curt. We are always happy to hear from our readers, no matter the subject of the letter.The issue you noted, from April 2, was indeed a full issue ain in publishing it’s sometimes a puzzle to make everything fit in the pages we are allotted. We hope you are enjoying this month’s big issue and find the editorial coverage satisfactory. We are unsure which email address you had trouble with, but feel free to contact us at

Gold Ore

On March 3, 1849, Congress authorized the Philadelphia Mint to make two new gold coins as a result of the California gold strike. They were the $1 and the $20 coins. In 1848, California shipped $500,000 in gold to the Philadelphia Mint. In 1949 it shipped $10,000,000 in gold. And over the next three years it shpped another $198,000,000 to the Philadelphia Mint. Why does it seem so difficult for the coin hobby to accept that the $1 and $20 gold coins made in the years from 1849 to 1852 were done so using gold ore from California?

Grady Smith
Granbury, Tx.

1982 D 3.1 penny

Hi, I was just reading about these pennies and my wife thinks she has one but I think it’s a large date. If I send you a picture can you verify it for me. Thanks

Name and address withheld

Editor’s note: Photographs can be hard to determine authenticity. We recommend you take the pennies to a local dealer for verification.

Apollo 5oz Coin

The Mint does it again! The Apollo 5 oz. coin is not available till oct.25th but yet I ordered on first day within 10 minutes of sale and it is back-ordered but HSN has theirs and already graded, this is impossible unless they got theirs before sale!!!!! I am going to cancel all my orders I have with mint, they forget we are the public and they work for us, or so I think? I will never cancel my subscription with Numismatic News because you have a GREAT informative publication. as always

Daniel Kuziela
Chicago, Ill.

New to coin collecting

Hello. Im fairly new to the coin collecting hobby and I stumbled across your email where it was encouraged to send photos of possible new error and doubling photos to. I’m not for certain but hopefully you can solidify something good with the photos I was able to take with my phone and jewellers loop. They probably aren’t the best but it’s the best I could do with what I have. Please any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Name and address withheld

Editor’s note: From your photograph, nothing unusual beyond normal wear to the dies and damage to the coin after being struck is visible.We do recommend, though, stopping in to your local coin dealer if you have any more questions.

Thanks for your many years of service

Hi Dave,

I read in the February 26 Numismatic News of your retirement as editor of that publication. Thank you for your many years of excellent stewardship of a publication which has long been an absolutely essential feature of my numismatic hobby. Wishing you a happy retirement.

David Stone

Dealers in Wisconsin

Recently after the death of my motherwe found in her closet coins that my dad collected over the years.The coins are all circulated.There are a few $1 coins from the 1880’s but most are coins from the 1900’s.When I searched the internet to see how to find a coin dealer an article said we should find a dealer that belonged to the PNG.But when I searched their site there didn’t appear to be any in Wisconsin? I guess I’m looking for guidance or a recommendation of a coin dealer that we may approach to value what we have.The face value of the coins is approximately $1000.00.

Name and address withheld

Editor’s Note: We were able to find a few listings on the PNG website in Wisconsin. Our own dealer directory at also lists three dealers within the state of Wisconsin that you may want to reach out to.

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