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Let's Write A Newspaper!

World Coins News Written Remotely From Berlin


Our little crew of four stayed in Berlin an extra day after the World Money Fair was finished so that we could write this months World Coin News. The idea was to do it here while it was fresh in our minds, so we could get the news out to our readers quicker and with the utmost accuracey.

It was difficult, but we accomplished the task with the help of Maggie Stigsell and Debbie Bradley back in Iola. Here in Berlin, Lisa Bellavin and Scott Tappa took care of image selection and transfer, plus Scott wrote an article, while Dave Harper wrote and edited all the copy and I wrote and emailed copy. Everyone worked diligently on both sides of the pond and together I think we must have put out a really fine issue.

Afterwards, we discovered that our flight back home had been canceled, so Lisa has been busy rebooking our flights and getting us home by an alternate route. We'll be a day later and a bit more tired I suspect, but we'll get there.