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Lester Davis soon to be 93 !

Okay, some good news this week - Lester Davis will celebrate his 93rd Birthday March 31st ! He was quite active in the Atlanta area clubs, and received a Numismatic Ambassador award from KP many years ago.

Those active in the ANA as long as I will remember Lester was the General Chairman for the 1977 Atlanta Convention.

I attended that show and had a great time as a YN. I exhibited, took part in tours to 6 Flags, the gold fields and Stone Mountain (which has a nice steam train!) as well as a bunch of YN meetings, educational forum and banquet.

It was the year after the ANA was in NYC, and I was excited. My parents let me take the overnight train out of NYC, the classy Southern Crescent.

The NLG bash was memorable, with antics from the like of Chuck O'Connell and Walter Breen.

It was at that show that I was tracking down members of the American Vecturist Association - collectors as I am of transportation tokens, that got me to approach the likes of chairman Lester Davis, Chet Krause and Clifford Mishler; and since that time I've remained friends with all three.