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Lehn and Fink Inc. Medal

This is a civilian medal for the advancement of Pharmaceutical Science. The reverse has the engraved name of the graduating senior with the highest GPA in the school of pharmacy who won the medal and the university name where the winner was a student. The medal was first awarded in 1894 until about 1967 when the company was sold. Over the years I have seen at least three of these medals on the internet so they must not too rare. These medals are gold and contain about 4/10 ounce of gold. I bought this one even though it is outside my field of collecting because I thought the price of gold was low at the time and that this would be a good investment. I was right and now that the price of gold has gone ape this medal is worth more than twice what I paid in melt value. Collector value for this medal if any, I am sure has not kept pace with the gold value. Makes me wonder how many of these medals have been or will end up being scrapped? Will this medal very become a great rarity in the future and if so will anyone care?