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Late arriving sales figures cause for concern

Numbers arrive just in time to beat Numismatic News' deadline.

If this page feels wet, there?s a reason. It?s the sweat that?s pouring from my brow as I wait for the sales figures from the U.S. Mint.

It?s just minutes till deadline and they have not arrived. Constant calling and harassment from me throughout the afternoon has proved fruitless.

So, we have to face facts: they may not arrive in time for this issue. If not, this page will feel like a re-run of a television show you?ve already seen because the sales figures will be the same as they were in the Jan. 10 issue.

Well, thankfully, we didn?t have to go to those extremes. The Mint came through at the 11th hour so here are your Mint Statistics, hot and fresh.

Take note: the box showing the date of the next state quarter release has reappeared and I had to remove the 2005 Buffalo nickel figures to make room for everything. You?ve seen them already anyway.

On deck for the Mint?s state quarters program is Nevada. Can you believe they don?t have a casino on it? I guess legalized gambling isn?t something Nevada is all that proud of.

Of interest in the boxes this issue are the December bullion sales. They?re not as strong as the December 2004 figures, but it?s the most action we?ve seen in gold, silver and platinum bullion coins in a long, long time.

Well, I?ve got to go and try to relax. Have a question? Send me an e-mail at