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Last platinum numbers before sale

Going into the Mint clearance sale Nov. 15 I know some collectors will be evaluating the possibilities of low-mintage American Eagle coins, especially the platinum versions that I have spent so much time on in the last few days.

I have the latest sales figures here and that might help those trying to figure out the angles.

The “W” uncirculated platinum American Eagle numbers went up a tad.

The one-ounce is at 423. The half ounce is 849. The quarter ounce is 2,115 and the tenth ounce is 2,504. The number for the four-coin set is 1,257.

The proof platinum numbers start with 1,670 one-ounce coins. The half ounce is 837. The quarter ounce is 1,081. The tenth ounce is 2,398. The four-coin set is 1,571.

Other numbers for other Mint offerings are posted in Mint Statistics every Thursday.