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Last Man's Club

Last Man’s Club

Illustrated below is a gold members medal from the Rock Island County, Illinois Last Man’s Club. The club was organized in 1935 by local veterans of the First World War. Like many other such clubs popular with the WWI veterans they met every year, held a memorial service for the members who died during the past year and preserved a bottle of cognac which was to be opened for a final toast to all the men by the last man during the final meeting. The Rock Island

Club’s 48th meeting was their last in 1983 when the four remaining members

 disposed of the cognac and donated the club assets to the county historical

society. The popularity of last man’s clubs seems to have faded away with that generation. In modern corporate America with all of the buy-outs, the veterans last man’s clubs of the past have evolved into last job clubs, with corporate employees wondering who’s job will be the last to get out-sourced or down-sized. The winner will probably be the head of the maintenance department when he turns off the lights and locks the doors for the last time and that poor guy won’t even get a medal.