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Last 2009 Philly cent hard to get

Just when you think it is safe to relax about the 2009 Lincoln cents, word comes that it is very difficult to get examples of the P-mint Presidency coin.

Indiana dealer Julian Jarvis, who handles rolls and bag quantities, says he expects another wave of promotions for the four-design set in the coming year.

The Denver version of the fourth cent design of 2009 is less of a challenge to acquire.

He marvelled in a Coin Chat Radio conversation yesterday at the sheer numbers of people who still do not know that there were commemorative cents produced in 2009 rather than the standard Memorial reverse coin. He cited a visitor to his office who was introduced to the coins for the first time recently.

This level of ignorance of the special cent program will help preserve the novelty of the coins for far longer than if they had been easy to obtain at banks.

An ironic note struck by Jarvis is that the Mint’s massive efforts to assure the banking system had the third design might now be standing in the way of distribution of the fourth. Cent supplies are so backed up again, apparently, that banks don’t need fresh deliveries.

And don’t even mention the upcoming 2010 Shield cent.