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Krueger's Men, a new book on WWII Nazi counterfeiting.

A new book – Krueger’s Men, The Secret Nazi Counterfeit Plot and the Prisoners of Block 19 by Lawrence Malkin has been recently published by Little, Brown.

I was pleased to receive a copy of the recently released Krueger’s Men book after a lengthy phone conversation with the author. I found the book a good read, and informative. It mostly deals with the particulars of the people involved in the German production of counterfeit Bank of England currency during WWII, their daily routine, the bureaucracy in which they needed to operate and what the prisoners had to deal with in the production of the items, and what all did after the war. There is an 8-page photo section of the principals involved and some of the sites. Only two notes are illustrated.

This is a historical novel, a good story based on facts with a bit of a bias slant.

It is not in any way an identification guide for the counterfeit notes. If you want a guide to the notes, and how to identify them, I must recommend Nazi Counterfeiting of British Currency during World War II by Bryan Burke. 1987. ISBN: 0-9618274-0-8.

The specifics for Krueger’s Men: ISBN-13: 978-0-316-05700-4 $24.99, 287 pgs, 6x9 format, hardcover.