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Krause an Ambassador

Founder of Numismatic News Chester L. Krause was given the paper
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Founder of Numismatic News Chester L. Krause was given the paper?s highest honor, the Numismatic Ambassador Award, Aug. 9 during the American Numismatic Asssociation World?s Fair of Money in Milwaukee, Wis.


Numismatic News editor Dave Harper, left, presents the Numismatic Ambassador Award to Chet Krause.

The presentation occurred during the annual Numismatic Ambassador Breakfast, which is an annual event that all award holders and their guests are welcome to attend.

Krause was given the award by Numismatic News editor David C. Harper, because, as he said, Krause set in motion a chain of events on Oct. 13, 1952, when he founded the paper.

Harper said that chain of events touched him as it did everyone in the room.
The Ambassador Award was created in 1974 and for obvious reasons was not bestowed on Krause until now, long after he has retired.

Reaction to the presentation was enthusiastic applause by those assembled.
Harper said afterwards that ?everybody in the room knows Chet Krause, respects Chet Krause and couldn?t be happier to see him finally get the award for his many hobby achievements.?