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Just stop talking about it?

Americans more and more seem to be making their decisions based on irritation.

What do I mean?

Well, as soon as a Presidential primary season starts we begin to complain about how long it is. If election results are ambiguous for any length of time we complain about the candidates who won’t drop out and end the process.

Will Americans apply this new way of making decisions to the cent?

The coin’s fate is in the headlines this week because Canada has decided to abolish its cent this year. The government has decided. Boom, it’s to be done. There will be no long discussions about all the other possibilities.

This is my third blog post on the topic out of six.

Surely someone will soon complain that I am becoming obsessed with the future of the cent.

An American majority might soon reverse its general 2:1 support for the cent just to keep from hearing about it any longer.

“Abolish it already and just shut up,” they will cry.

Far fetched?

I wonder.