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Jamestown commem designs finalized

Jamestown silver dollar and gold $5 designs unveiled June 16 in Philadelphia.
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Arrival of a full-size replica of the ship Godspeed in Philadelphia was the occasion for the June 16 unveiling of the designs for the 2007 Jamestown $5 gold piece and silver dollar.

The original ship was one of three that in 1607 carried settlers to the first British settlement in what is now the United States, Jamestown, Va.

On obverse of the $5 is Capt. John Smith speaking with an American Indian. On the reverse is the Jamestown Memorial Church, which is the only remaining building from the original settlement.

Designers are John Mercanti, Mint sculptor-engraver, and Susan Gamble, U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer, respectively.

"Three Faces of Diversity" is the obverse design of the silver dollar done by Donna Weaver, a retired Mint sculptor-engraver. The reverse shows the three ships that brought the original settlers, the Godspeed, Susan Constant and Discovery. This reverse design also was done by Gamble.

The new coins will go on sale during the first calendar quarter of 2007.