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James Monroe FDC numbers act up again

This week

This week?s numbers were obtained on April 1. Buyers of James Monroe First Day Covers understandably might think news of this week?s sales totals is an April Fool?s joke.

Monroe is reported as a sellout. If you missed last week?s paper, you would think nothing of it. However, if you have been following it closely you would remember that the April 1 issue total was 48,578 ? almost a sellout. The April 8 issue had the total at 27,885, an unusual drop. Was last week just one of those things?

An interesting set of statistics relates to the First Spouse series. The Dolley Madison proof outsold the proof Monroe by more than 5:1. It jumped by 1,109 compared to a rise of 190 for Elizabeth Monroe. It has to be the price difference. It looks like a speculative play on gold bullion.

The bullion gold American Eagles rose a bit, but the silver is dead in its tracks. The market currently wants more than the Mint can supply.