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It's a go for Oct. 27

The Eagle hasn’t quite landed yet, but at least we know now that Oct. 27 will be the red letter date to watch if you are interested in buying the 25th anniversary silver American Eagle set. Check the Mint website at, usually at noon on the first day of sales.

In the set will be five silver Eagles. There will be proof and uncirculated 2011-W Eagles from West Point, an “S” mintmarked uncirculated collector coin from San Francisco and a bullion version without a mintmark, but it also happens to be struck at San Francisco. The final coin will be a reverse proof carrying a “P” mintmark for Philadelphia.

No price has been established yet due to the volatile nature of the silver market.

At the present $32 an ounce, the five one-ounce coins will have a melt value of $160.

What will the retail price be?

I’ll go out on a limb and say $289.95.

That’s my guess. I haven’t heard anything.

The Mint has enough coins to package 100,000 sets if buyers want them.

Will they?

I expect so. The Mint has had a pretty good time selling other anniversary coin sets in the past and buyers have been rewarded with higher secondary market prices.

Will that happen this time?

Collectors will have to gin up almost $30 million to play to a potential sellout.

Get ready to place your bet.