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It pays to read 'Numismatic News'

It is difficult to keep track of the many numismatic errors that come down the pike.

That is what Numismatic News and reference books are for.

What is not difficult is reading thank-you notes from collectors who go out hunting after learning what to look for in the paper.

On the front page of the May 12 issue I placed a story about a new doubled-die 2015-P Homestead quarter.

The water pump handle was doubled in a window pane.

That was enough to inspire at least two readers.

One wrote, “After reading article about Homestead Quarter/Double(d) die in Numismatic News May 12, 2015, I decided to go through the two boxes I have a subscription to. (I always get two bags of 100 for the P & S and 1 bag of D). The box I found some in was dated 02/02/2015 10:05:46. I found 23 of the double(d) dies in the right window pane, and only 1 that was in the left window pane. My intentions are to send about 7 of them to PCGS and have them graded. I always enjoy Numismatic News and read every issue, and can’t wait for the next issue. Thanks Again for the MOST INFORMATIVE SOURCE FOR COIN COLLECTORS!”

It is a pleasure to read communications like this.

The second email was even better because the reader shares news of his profit stemming from the article.

“A couple weeks ago, I read in Numismatic News about some dramatic hub doubling on the Homestead quarters. In type WDDR-004, the pump handle can be seen in one of the window panes.

“When I got home, I looked through a roll of quarters I had gotten at the Mint HQ’s change machine. I sell these at face value to coin club members and usually spend them after the next quarter comes out. Fortunately, I didn’t spend these, as I found nine WDDR-004 quarters, which I subsequently sold for an average of $100 each. Best circulation find yet!”

What great news this is.

Who says nothing can be found anymore?

This is proof that valuable material is still out there.

Get going and start looking for Homestead quarters.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is winner of the 2014 Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."