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Is waiting list worth it for collectors?

Coming in on a Monday morning is always a challenge, especially after a nice summer weekend totally unplugged from the concerns of the office.

Two days can seem almost like a month as my mind tries to pick up the threads of information I was working on when I left the office on Friday.

I see the Mint is now putting people on the waiting list for the 2010 proof one-ounce American Eagle. Persons who agree to this assignment will be able to buy the coin at the $1,792 price only if problems develop with the orders of other people, such as canceled orders or expired credit cards.

Creation of a waiting list is a reasonable approach for the Mint because it wants to sell precisely 10,000 coins. It avoids the awkwardness of having to reopen sales at a later date if it did not create a waiting list.

However, would I want to be on such a list? I don’t know. I have either bought coins or missed the opportunity. I have never been in the position of being in limbo.

For those who have been in this sitution, I ask: What’s it like?