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Is that really me on camera?

For someone like me who grew up in television’s early days in the 1950s and 1960s, video is still a source of wonder. I saw the world through the news titans of the 1960s, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite and Howard K. Smith.

Imagine my thoughts now that I can create my own news videos. It is certainly not something I ever envisioned myself doing. Hey, I went to work for a newspaper, you understand.

However, my recent trip to Berlin for the World Money Fair gave me the opportunity to do some interviews and to record them. The first of these was done with Dr. Andreas Schikora, director of the Berlin State Mint, on Jan. 31. It is now online at

Take a look at it. See what you think. Give me some feedback.

World Coin News is a sister publication to Numismatic News. It is one that I have spent two of the past three decades working on.

Where this video capability will take me, I cannot say, but I look forward to doing more of it.