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Is that a label on my forehead?

My accumulator impulse was on full display in my Friday blog about the new Canadian quarter-ounce $20 silver coin.

At least that is what I think author Michael S. Shutty Jr. might say about my chosen topic that day.

Who is he?

Why would he be saying anything about me?

He is the author of One Coin is Never Enough, a book that supposedly tells collectors who we are and why we do what we do.

Is he correct?

Join the online seminar at 4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time Thursday when he will be the special guest.

I will take a page out of Debbie Bradley’s book and be present to ask questions and make observations.

Will the accumulator tag stick?

Such a person is one who buys on impulse and has no grand collecting plan. He simply acts on what catches his eye.

After I wrote my Friday blog I spent a half hour on the Royal Canadian Mint’s telephone order line to order the three-coin maximum that is the best deal.

My colleagues Lisa Bellavin and Tom Michael each wanted one, so the three coins will have good homes.

Spending that much time on the phone might just earn me a collector-investor title or I might even be an investor.

After all, a coin that popular might just go up in value. I could make a profit on it.

Then again, since I am only ordering one, there is that collector impulse guiding my actions. If I were truly an investor I would have taken all three for myself.

I can settle for a collector-investor label on my forehead.

How about you?

Visit home page and sign up for the online seminar. It will be fun.