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Is it 3rd down, 20 yards to go in the Mint game?

The Mint confirms that it is striking proof gold American Eagle coins to be sold later this year.

This appears to be another step forward in the regularization of markets following the upsets of the past two years signaled if not triggered by the Lehman Brothers failure of two years ago.

This week’s Numismatic News poll question asked readers whether the proof silver American Eagle would be offered yet this year. So far, the results are evenly split, meaning that you could toss a coin and match the results so far.

Some collectors undoubtedly are optimists by nature and expect all will come right in the end despite the fact that there are hardly 100 days left in the year. Some are pessimists and think the worst is already baked in the cake and there will be no silver proofs just like last year.

However, at least events are now flowing in the right direction for those who want to buy a 2010 silver proof. As with some football games that come down to the final drive in the final minute, the fate of the proof silver Eagle will keep collectors on the edge of their chairs until the Mint acts one way or the other.