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Investigate that dollar rumor

The eternal rumor mill that is the Internet is once again throwing up the old chestnut that “In God We Trust” has been taken off the one dollar coin and should be boycotted.

Accompanying it is an attached photograph of the face side of the George Washington dollar of 2007.

“I was sent an e-mail that is telling everyone that ‘In God We Trust’ has been taken off the new dollar coin. I’m going to send it to you to see if it holds water,” writes the sender who did not tell me who he is.

Should I point out that this e-mail story first appeared more than three years ago?

Should I tell the sender that the motto was placed on the edge for that particular coin and the rest of the designs for 2007 and 2008?

Perhaps I should mention that Congress got the message loud and clear that the public was upset and passed a law to move the motto from the edge and put it on the obverse where it has been since the first Presidential design of 2009.

Then again, maybe I should take a new tack and suggest the sender go to his bank and obtain some Presidential dollars to verify for himself what the true situation is with the Presidential dollar coins.

It is, after all, a serious investigation and he should get at least 100 coins and suggest to all his friends and Internet contacts that they conduct their own investigations as well.

If enough people get 100 coins each, we will get to the bottom of this Internet rumor once and for all – or run out of coins.