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Interesting German Dog Tag

Military id tags often called dog tags are an interesting collecting field. Since WWI the American military has worn two duplicate dog tags so that one would be left with the body of a dead soldier while the other was send back for processing. The Germans were of a more economical mind and issued their soldiers one dog tag made of zinc designed to be broken in half along a perforated line through the center. Illustrated below is an example of a German dog tag, age unknown to me. What makes this one interesting is that it is a police dog tag inscribed “LSP. 798 Gem. Pol. Verw. Krefeld”. The first three letters and number I would guess to be the policeman’s rank and id number. The next three words are abbreviations which I think would translate as Municipal Police Administrative District Krefeld. In Germany the police are organized much like the military so military like police dog tags should not come as much of a surprise but it is a pleasant one none the less.