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Imagine coin prices expressed in Bitcoins is now selling houses in exchange for Bitcoins. This can be taken either of two ways. You could be the owner of some real estate who wants to speculate in cyber currency. You could be an owner of a cyber currency who wants to get into hard assets instead.


It hasn’t happened yet to my knowledge, but what about someone wanting to trade a cyber currency for collectible coins or vice versa? Or should we say purchase rare coins with Bitcoins?

Right now cyber currencies and equities are two of the main culprits why not only coins but all collectibles in general are out of favor among investors and many former collectors.

What if some of this cyber currency were to be offered when someone is going to buy collectible coins? Prices realized listed in Bitcoins from January 2017 would now be worth 16 times as much. That would put an 1804 dollar at over $50 million. Couldn’t the value of these rarities escalate due to their fixed supply versus this increased demand from owners of Bitcoins? We can hope, can’t we?

A significant bear market in stocks could definitely trigger a buying spree in coins and collectibles, but couple this with people bailing out of cyber currencies and coins once more could become the collectible of choice. Right now coins continue to lag these two markets, but at some point cyber currency and stocks will stop appreciating. Astute collectors who are buying coins now rather than later will be the winners.

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