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Im Selfish I Admit It I Am Also Very Tired And The Fatigue Is Speaking I Have Been In Milwaukee For The American Numism

I'm selfish. I admit it. I am also very tired and the fatigue is speaking. I have been in Milwaukee for the American Numismatic Association convention for eight days. The big news, virtually all of it, occurred on Sunday morning in an executive session of the ANA board of governors. That is when the decisions relating to the future of the ANA were made and announced. You can read the news story on

I would have had 90 percent of my editorial impact simply being in Milwaukee for half a day on Sunday morning instead of the entire week. With my legs aching from the concrete and my eyes telling me that I haven't had a full night of sleep for six of the past eight days, the idea of spending just a few hours of one day seems very appealing.

However, what the other seven and a half days have given me is context. There is an active and vibrant ANA membership out there. They are collecting. They are learning. They are having fun. The news background of the fate of Executive Director Chris Cipoletti and the actions of the newly installed board of governors was of concern to the members, but was not a dominant part of their hobby lives.

It is nice to know that when dramatic events occur, and leadership at the top changes, the members go on about their hobby business in a way that gives me great confidence in the future of organized numismatics. I was pleased to be able to attend the board meeting and to write the news that came out of it, but I was much more pleased to be at the Krause booth to talk to anyone who came by who wanted to chew the fat with me. I learn more in that way than I ever could from board meetings. Thanks to all who stopped by. You are the future of the hobby and you have given me the sense that our future together will be bright.