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I'm Not There

Tom's Recommended Film of the Week

I'm Not There

Most folks will either dislike or be confused by I'm Not There. Even fans of Bob Dylan may find it anoying and disjointed. It is a unique vision of the direct Todd Haynes and as such, it takes some getting used to.

I'm Not Therepresents segments of Bob Dylan's life, with no particular adhearance to historical accuracy. It mixes Haynes life perceptions with Dylan's larger than life characters. It offers the reasonable outlook that some people, such as Dylan, create many different personnas within one lifetime.

Most significantly however, if puts forth some excellent acting, with six people all playing different eras of the Dylan mystique. Marcus Carl Franklin is the child Dylan, Christian Bale is the folk/religious Dylan, Cate Blanchett is the electric rocking Dylan, Heath Ledger is the pop-icon Dylan, Richard Gere is the reclusive older Dylan and Ben Whishaw is the unique thinking Dylan under the harsh light of public fame. Together they present a single perspective of a driven man, whose own fame and subsequent public-perceived responsibility so shocked and disturbed him that he spent years trying to reinvent what he had so successfuly invented. It's a grand portrat of an artist trying to create in the shadow of a man propelled into unwanted leadership.

If that all sounds confusing then I think you have an idea of Haynes creation in I'm Not There. It's not a simple stright forward film, it's not light entertainment, but it may keep you thinking for a while if you give it a chance.