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I’m getting itchy

No, it’s not bug bites that are keeping me agitated. It’s my thoughts about what the June mintage numbers will show when they become available.

How many Lincoln cents have been added to the 2009 total?

I want to know. Many other collectors do, too.

The quarter mintages are also being closely eyed.

Who can blame us. Who would have thought 2009 quarter rolls can command such high prices.

You would think it was 1955 instead of 2009.

Collectors in 1955 seemed to have more fun. Then it was pending closure of the San Francisco Mint that got collectors scrambling for rolls of the current year’s coinage.

Mintages turned out low, but collector saving assured such a large supply that even 54 years later collectors can have an affordable crack at those issues.

What will conditions be like in another 54 years?

It could turn out the same way, but someone else will have to write the conclusion to that part of the story for me.